CashLess Hospital

Kozzi-young-scientist-working-in-laboratory-contentGuidelines for Cashless Hospitalization


Whether all Medical Insurance cover the cashless facility

Most of the health insurance company offer cashless hospitalization through a third party administrator. With the terms of network and non-network hospital. Network hospital means that TPA has an agreement in case of hospitalization, if you get admitted to a network hospital you are eligible for cashless facility, subject to other terms in you policy ,in case if you admitted to a non network you are eligible for reimbursement not for cashless.


Cashless facility means the treatment is free of cost.

You need to understand that the treatment is never be free of cost, cashless means insurance will pay for the treatment either fully or Partially. Most of the health insurance will mediate between the healthcare provider (hospital) and insurance company and settle the bill on behalf of the insurer. Hospital play has as an facilitator and does not have any authority for approvals or disapprovals, to obtain Cashless we need to follow strictly the protocols of IRDA and adhered to it.

Planned hospitalization

Emergency Hospitalization

Reason for denial of cashless facility

Preauthorization details to get cashless

If a Medical Expense shoots up the approval amount
Packeges Offered

  • Antenetal Check
  • Cardiac Health Check
  • Diabetic Health Check .
  • Executive Health Check
  • Fertility Assessment Check
  • Master Health Check
  • Pre-conception Check
  • Pre-Employment Health Check
  • Premarital Check
  • Routine Health Check
  • Senior Health Check
  • Well Women's Check